I’m Paul. I am a proud father and husband, a successful Entrepreneur and Forex Price Action Trader. Starting at an early age I was interested in the dynamics of successful business, and started my career in mechanics at the age of 18. I opened my first successful business Boost Worx Auto and Diesel Performance, which grew into a profitable mechanic shop. Working on cars was something I really enjoyed, however the monotony of that career choice had me constantly wishing for something more. That is when I discovered Forex trading. For six months I buckled down and learned the ins and outs of the all that is Forex. Since that time I have consecutively tripled my monthly income and have been blessed with more free time with the people I love. My mission in making creating this company is to give everyone the opportunity they deserve for a brighter future. 

Paul Anthony Romero - CEO

I am Pablo Romero. I came to America in 1981 planning on manifesting the reality of the American dream for me and my future family. When I arrived I met the love of my life and wife of twenty­ seven years. I learned the art of tailoring from my family whom ran a very successful shop at a young age. As an apprentice I absorbed the skills necessary to run a successful business. I have always been a jack of all trades, you name it I probably can fix it. I personally believe that honesty, dedication, hard work, along with humility are the basis of every successful businessman. I don’t believe in “I can’t’s”, there is always a way. 

Pablo Neftaly Romero COO - International Relations

I am a father to three beautiful little girls and have been married for 9 years. I am a go getter whether it be learning a new skill or making something with my hands, I go and get it done. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I have successfully financed and assembled several gun shops and online stores. My passion for forex is the reflective passion that I have being an entrepreneur. My success in trading forex came quickly and with great surprise. Within two weeks in trading Forex I already had my account grown 170% ROI. It means the world to me to have the opportunity to create and help create businesses and watch them come to life and flourish. 

Zach Pryde Duffy - CTO