*Each month we track the high, low and average monthly income for our Independent Sales Representative's for the income levels shown. This table shows for each monthly income level the corresponding income statistics over the indicated time frame. Incomes are for our Independent Sales Representative's, are net refunds and chargebacks, and do not account for any costs incurred by the Independent Sales Representative's. The average affiliate spends between $500 and $3,000 in expenses as they build their business. Less than 4% earns sufficient commissions to cover their costs of the Forex Entourage products. Note that it takes hard work to make substantial income in this business and some Independent Sales Representative's make no money at all. An Independent Sales Representative is someone who: a) has executed an Independent Sales Representative application; b) is qualified to earn commissions during the month; and c) has not been terminated or chosen to discontinue for any reason during that month. An Independent Sales Representative is considered active if they have additionally earned a commission during the month. All figures are in US dollars.